Oracle Delphi

I have just become the proud owner of an Oracle Delphi Mkii.
It was bought minus a tonearm but I have installed a Sumiko MMT with a Denon DL160. A whole afternoon was spent assembling this beautiful piece of engineering and adjusting the suspension for a perfect vertical bounce.
It sounds as good as it looks and performs perfectly.
The only minor issue is the 45 speed does not operate when the switch is pressed, it continues to play at 33. I don't actually have any 45 records but would like everything to work correctly. Underneath the motor is a little circuit board with a small relay on it that I suspect may be the culprit but don't want to start poking around without some information first.
Does anyone have first hand experience with this problem or know where I can get a wiring diagram ?
I have emailed Oracle in Canada but so far no response.


2010-02-23 5:42 am
speed control pots?

These have a reputation for motor's failing - have never actually run into this - but did encounter dirty speed adjustments pots - these could get a "dead" spot and the motor won't turn at all when adjusted to that point. I can't think of how this could lead to the thing turning at 33 when 45 is selected - hmm - any chance that the 45 speed pot can be turned far enough to actually run at 33 /1/3 RPM ?