Opinions on the best sub....

I am in the market for some low Hz drivers.

My current front end is a Dynaudio 240 powered with an A/D/S/ PQ20.

I am looking for the most musical driver within practical limits....Meaning that I dont want to spend more than 400 per driver.
I have near unlimited power available....but dont want or need anything that is made for SPL, in fact I would gladly give up 3-6db in efficiency and add a few more drivers.

I have the room for 3-4 12" but think I will opt for 4-10"

It is my intent to have it set up for SQ, but like having air movement and prefer a few more drivers than one being beaten (even if it can handle 1K).

I have been considering the Fi Q series. Its American made, reconeable and has decent T.S. prams, but I have never heard one. https://ssl.perfora.net/www.ficarau...a/shopdata/0020_Q/product_overview.shopscript

Other subs I have been considering are the Eclipse and a sub made by Niche. But have never heard these as well, for all I know they all sound like someone banging on a garbage can.

Any opinions one the best SQ sub that still likes to party?
I listen to everything from classical, tool and some bass dominated music (rare).

Thanks for any suggestions

Go with a servo design. Best SQ option.

I use the Erath Electronic Suspension system.

2 prs a/d/s/ (336.2is) with a/d/s/ (P640.2) on front and Orion 2125SX to a single a/d/s/ (AS10) sub. I preferred the last setup with four 8" woofers but can't fit that in this vehicle. All I can squeeze into this one is a single 10".

Side benefit with a servo controlled sub is "USUALLY" they require less air space.

If you go conventional, use the Peerless XLS. They have an automotive version. Another option is the Dayton (Parts Express) Reference Aluminum 10". Good Xmax, pwr handling, and looks.
Jonny, do you have that PQ20 bridged onto the 240's? Those Dynaudio's sound great, but can really soak up the power.

The PQ20 will be run 2 channel to the Dyans.
In the future will consider running 1 PQ20 per side (one channel to tweeter and the other to mid woofer) if I can find another PQ20 reasonable.

It was the PQ 20 or McIntosh......I got the PQ for around 2.....any McIntosh of like power would of been 7+.

You car correct about the Dynas being power hungry (they will get better after they fully break in but still are needy).

Do you have any particular requirements or desires for enclosure size, sealed/ported, etc?

How high are you expecting to run the subs?

Personally I have always had the best results with sealed but then my years with Stillwater did not give me much else to work with. I am not agents ported if it works. I am somewhat flexible with size.

(I found this old pic of my truck in 97??? [8-15" and 4 zr1k)
Brings back memories!!!


I am not sure what you are asking when you say "How high", are you meaning volume or Hz?

I will look at the other suggested options

Thanks for all replies.

(I found this old pic of my truck in 97??? [8-15" and 4 zr1k)
Brings back memories!!!

Those memories must be fuzzy!

I am not sure what you are asking when you say "How high", are you meaning volume or Hz?

As in upper frequency limit. I would agree that 10's would probably integrate better with the 7" midwoofers.

There are so many good woofers out there now, it's impossible to say 'best.' I like to define something like enclosure size, efficiency, low frequency limit, etc to help narrow down the field.

The Peerless are well proven, the Dayton Reference have been well received and look about as good as a woofer possibly can. I'd like a pair just to stare at.

HiVi makes a very interesting10 if you don't mind the weight. From the specs shown, it should have the propensity to go very low in a sealed enclosure.

Eminence also makes a10 that looks good, but may take a little tweaking to get down extremely low.

As most of the car audio branded woofers nowdays are hidden under decorations, I don't pay attention to them. Certainly, there are some worthwhile as well.

No problem here with a grain of salt.

Troy, I share your fondness for rubber surrounds but not to that extreme.

My Dynaudio 30W100 used a foam surround which lasted 15 years before it was stolen. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

The main reason I mentioned the Eminence is the lineage as I understand it. The 12" version came first was and built specifically for the DIY "Lab Horn." I thought it was cool to see a non-Pro Eminence and even cooler that it was designed in conjunction with DIY'ers for a DIY audience. They have now complemented that with a 10".

The others look more promising but who knows, Jonny may want to build a horn...