Open baffle subwoofer

Take a fine 15 inch woofer with a 25 Hz resonance and put it in an irregularly shaped large sheet of wood (couple feet each way), and you'll have an excellent woofer. I'll see if I can find links to mine.

Any box will endow your speaker with undesirable sounds. So, boxless is best. I say that not as a partisan especially (like some threads here). The theory about boosting seems right, but in practice not needed if you are just aiming at lowest 2 octaves.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the all the reply. What I was planning is described in this thread. And

I am familiar with the open baffle sound. I have built one before.

Here is a short excerpt from the post:
I have been thinking about this design for a while. I wanted to make this speaker "futureproof", so after some thoughts, I was wondering if a single 15" woofer is enough for bass. So I figured that I should add in another 15" woofer just to make sure there is enough bass. After all the Jamo 909 had 2 woofers... So if I plan some material with a lot of bass, I would not run out of steam.

Thinking further, I was thinking what if I added the a subwoofer instead of a woofer, a 15" subwoofer at the bottom, a pro-woofer in the middle, the Audio Nirvana 15" fullrange at the top, followed by a supertweeter above that.

In short I already have plans for the typical standard approach for Bass , a 15" Pro-woofer in this project. Since there is still space in the baffle, why not add in a subwoofer.

It will e bi-amped by a home thearte amp.

So basically, I just wanted to know how the sub sounds like. :)

Any recomendation for subwoofer driver?

he AE is just a bit too expensive for the pockets.

HI everyone,

There are 2 drivers I am considering for Sub duty in the open baffle.

Option 1.
Dayton Audio IB385-8 15" Infinite Baffle Subwoofer 295-455

Was originally intended for Infinite baffle, so they would function quite similar. Almost ridiculous x-max at 14mm

Option 2

Dayton Audio DCS385-4 15" Classic Subwoofer 4 Ohm 295-206

What I like about it is the copper shorting ring, which should reduce distortion. And I believe increases damping. X-max is less though.

You are free to suggest other woofers, ideally a X-max of about 10mm, price range of about US$100 or so... I would rather keep my mass of the cone low, so something to the tune of 200 grams or less would be better..



2010-11-22 11:24 pm
What I like about it is the copper shorting ring, which should reduce distortion. And I believe increases damping. X-max is less though.

Copper rings don't help that much down low if I remember correctly. You gain much more by simply using dual opposed drivers. The copper rings come into play at about 100 hz and above so if you want to play higher they should be nice but not needed for sub duty.


2010-11-22 11:24 pm
Dear Inductor,

It is very similar to what I intend to do. Except

1) my full range is also 15" ;)
2) my woofer is a normal pro woofer from Celestion that has a +/- 3mm Xmax
3) My subwoofer will be at the lowest level.


Oh my, I hope it gets better than a 2-way?! :h_ache:


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Hi Ollboll,

Thanks for the reply...looked it up. Might still go with the one with the copper shorting ring. The 4 ohm will be easier to squeeze the juice out of my amp... I reckon a 15 inch with a 1cm max should be enough to alarm the neighbours...

Don't have the amp to drive the 8ohm to

Dear inductor,

I was planning on keeping it flexible. So the will have separate amps. Except for the tweeter and audio nirvana full ranger, which will a share a common amp. I reckon, could use the woofer, woofer+sub, or sub only. Don't know which will compliment the Audio Nirvana well. So I will experiment and figure it out.

It might be that for certain music, I might just use woofer only and other music woofer+sub...

So it might 2 ways sometimes and 3 ways on other times..

Don't really know yet...



2012-02-05 1:35 am
IB385-8 15

Wondering how your project is progressing? :rolleyes:

I recently purchased the Dayton Audio SA1000 Subwoofer Amplifier and i am experimenting with open baffles for 2 ib385's.

I have a pair of the audio nirvana super 12's- i love the dynamics on these but they need a little extra on the high end.

What are you planning on using for highs?

Are you going to cross them?

If so what frequency where you thinking of crossing at between the full rangers and tweets?


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