Open Baffle Speakers DONE!

OH MY!!!! Just finished the open baffle speakers. Hooked them up to my main system. Turned it on and nearly fell over on the floor.....Holy Schiit! do they sound great! Using the B&W ASW608 subwoofer.....The spacialness is amazing, even without a hard wall behind them. My living room is very heavily damped so the bit of extended highs that the Tang Band speakers exhibit is very welcomed......These speakers have a total cost of $225 for the pair.....The plywood is extremely nice bamboo plywood from Lowes ($21 for 2' X 4' X 1/2", Drivers are $79 each, misc connectors etc rounds it out.......OK, they are not Magnapan MMGs or KEF LS50 Metas...But they absolutly bury and of my under $1000 speakers....As long as you use a subwoofer. As you can imagine bass rolls off fast around 100Hz.....I'll do some measuring next week and report.


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No design nothing! Bought a piece of 24 X 48" bambo plywood....Decided on 18X24" so I'd have some left over for the stands....The curve on the sides were free hand....Pulled Tang Band drivers out of a pair of transmission lines I built (but sounded quite bad) and threw them into the middle of the board....Spent more time building the connection block than the whole speaker!......Hooked them up to a Pass Labs FirstWatt F5v2 and couldn't believe the sound! Connected the B&W 8" subwoofer and listened for over four hours! No, they are not Magnapans or LS50 Metas (which I compared them to), but they are easily as good if not better than B&W DM601, ELAC 2.0/6.5 and Klipsch RP600M.......Very impressed!


2011-04-15 8:42 am
Great outcome!

I saw Juhazi post above with an Edge screen shot and got curious. I downloaded Edge and tried modelling your driver working out its diameter from the specs.

It seems like a symmetrical center driver mounting creates a peak and null response seen below on the left. The response looked smoother on the right with the driver moved up on the same baffle.

Did I do something wrong in Edge or is this an observed effect? If its real what causes the dip with symmetrical placement?