Open baffle servo vs. high damping factor

I am just about decided on a GR/Rythmic open baffle woofer system for the LF portion of my attempt at a reference quality speaker. I have a new doubt though, would I get an equal subjective effect from a high damping factor amplifier and two traditional woofers? Let's assume that I will put something midrange above the woofers, so frequency response of the GRs is acceptable ~200Hz. I'll ask this in the subwoofer area if no one here has input, I'm going a little above subwoofer frequency though, and am talking open baffle so this may be the best area to start.
The basic question comes down to what is the mechanism by which high damping factor effects woofers? I'm reasonably familiar with how feedback works. When I see damping factor sound discussed, it seems that acoustic effect is similar to what is described for Rythmic brand feedback based systems.
Thanks for any info or thoughts!