Opaque style LCD projector

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I am wondering if it is possible to make an LCD projector using a small LCD screen in something similar to an opaque projector. My isea is to have the LCD on the bottom of my "Box" facing a miror above it at a 45 degree angle to it. The mirror faces the lense which projects it onto a screen. the extra light needed for the projection is provided by 2 light bulbs inside the box. would this work? would I get a lot of glare? would the image be bright enough?

i like it

i agree with the remark on the reflectiveness

allthough other people on this forum said ' IT AIN'T GONNA WOAAARK' .

i actually tried it in the craftstore and i saw a pic allthough the large fluorescent lamps of teh store were on.

i am trying to get a professional opaque projector, i have seen them on the net, and some guy i know who is a painter has one as well but i haven't been able to get a hold of him, i amreally wnating to ry this out as well!!!

i think that one fluorescent household bulb will not be enough, the socket is too small for a mogull and all teh others are only about 40 watts maximum i think. you could see to it that you change the socket into a mogul one but i wodner if the space inside is wide enough!
opaque sources

this is the Rolls royve under the opaque projectors


but if you want to go a bit cheaper
the go to google and search for : gagne trace-master

beware DO not buy this for more than US$200.00 otherwise they are ripping you off!!!!!!!!

the projectors that are listed on the dickblick website are the best and surprisingly, allthough the lenses inside are considered extremely good, the whole thing is not that expensive.
and don't worry about the temp most off them have more than sufficient cooling as they need to project film strips and that in itself does not really like a high temp.
however i would ALWAYS go with 2 extra ENERMAX fans (the 5 inch ones- it won't harm anything!!!!!
If you flip the panel over that should fix the mirroring problem. The reason it doesn't work is the panels top is reflected and not the image. Basically you just have a big enlargment of what your panel looks like. But if you have a good light source you could stick it underneath the panel and use it that way.
I think picture would be correct.
There is mirror and there is lense.
They both flip image.

However I don't think this would work to anyone's satisfaction.
I took apart opaque bessler projector and that thing barely projected
image in the daylight.

If stripping LCD is problem better choice is probably overhead and
overhead LCD panel. I am sure results will be better.

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Someone's got to say it... so here goes nothing.

You are obviously very proud of your projector and have every right to be. And I know you're probably trying to be helpful. However, making virtually the same post in every thread where someone has questions is not the right way to go about things.

My advice is to make a post in one of the permanent threads, where others have posted their completed projects as well. So if someone is looking for that kind of information they can locate it, and may find what you have done useful. But please stop making posts plugging your site in every thread.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.