Opamps for active crossover/filter


2001-02-04 4:23 am
"I recently tried 2604's in a crossover design, but
I found them only marginally stable in low gain
circuits, and I went right back to discrete." A while back Analog Devices was having a problem with their AD797s.Supposed to be unity gain stable.They weren't.Just return to the distributor and get a different date code.On a scary note I have a circuit that uses the AD842 at unity gain.This is not a unity gain stable part.About 1/3 of the date codes will actually work over temperature.Don't try this at home.


2001-10-23 8:44 pm
Tried the LM6172 in my CDP (i/u conv. + filter) and found it much better sounding than the opa2134 if it is stable.

Here my personal ranking (tested in outputstage, gain 10):

:mad: Standard: NE5532, JRC...

:( For Beginners: OPA2604

;) Better: OPA2134; OP275

:) Premium: OPA2132

:D State of the Art: LM6172, OPA627/637, AD797 (the latter three are single opamps)