OPA228 vs NE5534

Hi all,

what would you say about swapping NE5534 opamps for OPA228?

It's for a class-A mosfet-based headphone amp that I designed a few years ago (which sounds very good, although it creates a lot of heat, but that's part of the fun, I guess).

I was going to try OPA134 and OPA627, but OPA228 seems like a good alternative...

Any opinion?


2008-02-18 11:33 am
Hello from France ;)

I made a mosfet amplifier with a AOP to drive the power stage and I tried several AOP like NE5534, OP27, LT1028 etc.
The sound of the OP27 was better more clear. The OP228 is a better than a OP27.

Ten year later, I think you should choose the better AOP for your configuration. The environment is very important (schema, resistance value etc.) and it can influence the AOP, for example it could be oscillate.

Have fun.
Ok... my headphone amp got a new pair of power resistors (68 ohms/25 W) and a pair of OPA228's... (by the way, the MOSFETs are IRF520's)

Also, this amp has no capacitor in the audio signal path whatsoever and is powered with +/- 15V regulators, separated for left and right (so that's 4 regulators...)

This beast is amazing!

As compared to the NE5534, OPA228 makes the amp more detailed with better dynamics. High frequencies are maybe a bit harsh though. Or maybe it's just too clean sounding....


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