OPA2134 in Bangalore!!

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I think ...........quite unlikely ! I spent a whole morning searching for parts in the Bangalore market ( is that called SJ road or SJP road ? ).
I could not find anything I wanted. OPA2134 would then be even more unlikely ! IF anyone does have it , it would cost a bomb as it is so rare around here. I bought IRF9240 for three times the price they charge in Mumbai ! I didn't know the Mumbai price when I bought them in Bangalore.

Better order it from Digikey. It most probably wouldn't cost you any more than if you could get it here. It would be duty free of course.
There are better op-amps than the aging OPA2134 available now - in particular, the Natsemi LME49720 dominates it completely in every specification.

However, both of these are hard to find in Bangalore, unless you're willing to buy in quantity, in which case Arrow or any distributor of TI/NatSemi will be happy to sell them to you. I've also heard that R.S. Components in Manipal Centre will sell single unit qty of just about anything, at a huge markup.

I'd advise using the TL072/062 or TL074/064 (widely available at S.P Road for about Rs.4-6 each) with a 8DIP/14DIP machined Augat socket, and swapping out for high-end opamps later when you get hold of them.
Your best bet and fastest economical method is to buy 50 from Digikey. 50 pieces costs about $2.10 each and shipping by Fedex to India is about $85 with packing etc. They will handle customs etc. Without any duty( quite likely ) it will cost you about $190/- . I assume you will pay by credit card. Each chip will effectively cost $3.80 . Even with duty added it should not be more than $5.50 each. I think they add customs duty to cost plus freight but with customs anything can happen. Very good chance that it will come duty free.
I paid Rs4,000/- duty for Rs15,000 worth of heat sinks. It was a HUGE box ! You package will be very small.
You should have the chips at your door step whitin a week.

I've bought many times from Digikey. Very good .

Edit : Take into account Christmas holidays when figuring out shipping dates.
> TL072 or NE5532
> Which do you guys think is better among these two?

Hard to say - each has its own unique sonics. In fact, TI TL07x made in Portugal has its own sonics which are different from current production ST TL07x made in China. The TI version differs subtly from the ST version - IMHO, the TI version is harmonically better.

My advise would be to buy all the different versions of these opamps and try them out - it's possible that the NE5532 will trump the TL07x for most audio applications.
The TL0xx series are FET input ( low input bias current ) and NE553x are bipolar with significant bias current. So external resistor values might matter and make a direct exchange difficult in some circuits.

Sonically NE553x is 'considered' better ( also lower noise ) . You can try it for yourself.
Thank You guys.
One last question, Is it possible to get some Elna or Panasonic FC capacitors in Bangalore or is it the same pathetic situation again.
Any other good brands is also OK.
Just had a dig in these forums and found these
Seems to be that ajitm had found 10,000uF Elna caps at Rajdhani Electronics. But it was long back.
Some limited range of values are available.

Chetan Electronics has Panasonic FC 2700/25 and FJ in a few low-voltage SMPS/computer grade values, of which the most interesting are 150/50 and 1800/16.

Pooja Electronics has Chemicon KMH 4700/50 - a very useful audio-type value, as well as some Elna for Audio.

There's a shop (whose name eludes me now, maybe Rajdhani?) on the main road perpendicular to S.P. Road which sells a huge range of stuff including connectors, passives, transistors, heatsinks, switches, etc. He has a quite a range of OEM-manufactured Elna, Panasonic and Chemicon in useful values. Eg. Chemicon (Pioneer-branded) 22,000/63, Panasonic M (Kenwood-branded) 6800/63, Chemicon 3300/63, Elna RJ4 (Audio-grade) 4700/42, etc.

But absolutely no Cerafines, Black Gates or any exotic stuff.

You may find a better variety with some of the Chennai wholesalers, like Suraj Radio or Swastik - but they're sometimes reluctant to sell single-unit quantities, and their inventory varies very rapidly and is dependent on supply from Mumbai.
After some hunting I could only find Chemicon KMH capacitors 4700/50 at Pooja Elect.
Chetan Elect. didn't have anything interesting. And also checked some other shops with no Luck.
They all seem to have capacitors from samwha (never heard before) www.samwha.com/
I don kn y they all pronounce it as "Samxon".
Are are these caps reliable?

Also, linuxguru I couldn't find shop that you mentioned at the last, the one on the road perpendicular to SP road. Certainly it is not Rajdhani because it is on SP Road.
Could u please find the name of the shop or atleast pin point the exact location at ur leisure.
>Chemicon KMH capacitors 4700/50

Chemicon KMH are very good all-round caps, although they're not strictly low-ESR. Hugh Dean (Aspen Amplifiers) recommends them highly, and
they're standard issue in the stock AKSA kits. At around Rs.50 (?) each,
they're among the best value you'll find in Bangalore, barring a few
surplus/NOS types.

>They all seem to have capacitors from samwha (never heard before) www.samwha.com/

Samwha is a Korean company which bought the electrolytics division of Samsung Electronics a few years ago. Old Samwha (prior to the Samsung acquisition) are c-r-a-p, the later ones are slightly better but no match for the Japanese majors.

> I don kn y they all pronounce it as "Samxon".

Samxon is a different animal - they're a Chinese manufacturer of first-rate computer-grade low-ESR capacitors, especially their GA, GB, GC and GD series. These are comparable to the top end of the Japanese line-up (Rubycon, Nichicon, Chemicon, Panasonic, Sanyo, ...) for computer and PSU use. However, I don't know if they've got good audio-grade capacitors yet, in the same class as Elna Silmic/Cerafine, or Panasonic FC/FK.

(I didn't know that Samxon had shown up locally - their entry into the cut-throat motherboard capacitor market was fairly recent - less than 2 years ago.)

>Could u please find the name of the shop or atleast pin point the exact location at ur leisure.

To approach SP Road from the Town Hall side, one takes a right turn into a short section of a road (say 100 metres) and then left into the entrance to S.P. Road. Generally, the autorickshaws stop at the entrance to S.P. Road and park further down on that short section of road perpendicular to S.P. Road.

If you search on that section of road (where the autos are parked), there is a somewhat spacious shop on the left about 25-50m from the entrance to S.P. Road. There are usually some cows/buffaloes milling around, and you may have to deftly avoid some dung. When you enter the shop, there are glass showcases/countertops with a selection of Amphenol connectors and various passives, including capacitors, on display in the front. The chairs are black anodized metal, bar-stool style. That is the shop with a moderate selection of good Japanese caps.
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