Op-Amp recommendation for replacing/upgrading I/V and LPF in a dac


2022-05-10 3:44 pm
Hello there. I have a cheap chinese dac (D2-mini) and wanna experiment with different op-amps. Currently it uses 2 NE5532P as the I/V and a TL072 as the LPF.
Current planned replacement NJM2137D for the I/V and AD8066ADR for the LPF. The LME49720NA is disqualified as the LPF because its 5V performance is horrible, 1%thd+n at 2vrms output. I'm looking for any op-amp recommendation that is not super expensive.
Dac internals.
dac internals.jpg


2010-11-18 9:12 am
I'd say your main problem seems to be the supply voltage...look for professional soundcards that work at 5v if you ca find any snd just copy their choices or supply it properly first! Another cheap choice would be njm8080 working at +-2v which is used in Audient gear but there are many opamps working down to 1.5V supply .