Onkyo DX 330 needs help


2006-10-21 4:41 pm
I bought the above Integra CD player for $10 at a yard sale. I can open the tray but when the CD is loaded, I do not hear the whirr of a spinning disc. When I push the play button the appropriate light turns on but nothing happens.

I don't have an owners manual so don't know if there is a secret such as a button on the remote (I don't have) that needs to be engaged or a chord that needs to attach to an Integra receiver or some other thing.

This is a beautiful machine with wood side panels. However, if broken, is this machine worth putting any time and money into? I have other CD players and would only attend to this one if it is know to be quite good in some respect.

If someone has an owners manual, I'd sure like a copy. Patrick