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For Sale Onix (GR Research) X-LS Classic

Things you have for sale.
Selling my Onix X-LS Classic speakers. These sound very nice actually. The woofer is very light and agile. Very nice tone to these. Am moving, and have too many speakers anyways, so these are up for sale. The cabinets are gorgeous with real wood veneer, but they do have some cosmetic imperfections. One one side of one of the speakers, there's a pretty big scratch, that doesn't ruin the look of the speaker by any means but is definitely noticeable when viewed from that angle. From the front though, they look perfect

The X-LS Encore kit I believe sells for over twice my asking price here, which is just for crossover parts, cheapo posts and drivers. It is the updated version of what I have, with a different tweeter.

I'd like to get $175 plus shipping for these


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