One-time programmable audio circuit


2010-09-08 8:08 pm
I've been trying to find a source for an existing circuit, or help designing a new one, that does something (seemingly) very simple:

1. Easily one-time programmable with a good-quality mp3 or PCMu wavefrom (i.e. not recorded from a mic)
2. Drives a (small but loud) speaker directly
3. Fits in a 2"h x .25"w footprint, including battery, switch and speaker

I first approached Kowatec in CA and purchased several demo boards and programmers (all are PROM-based APlus ICs) but none of their products was able to sufficiently drive a speaker that was loud enough to hear from 3 feet away, or could be programmed simply (i.e. with a simple USB drag-and-drop UI, like a flash drive).

The target is simply something that can be embedded in a (thick) business card, much like the Hallmark cards you can purchase today, except smaller.

Anyone have any ideas or guidance?

Thanks in advance