One more DAC to build

I'm about to build my first DAC and i'm going for the paraleled TDA1543.
I'll try it in x3 x5 and x8 form and see what the sonic gains are.
For the receiver i have some Dir9001 and some STA120 already.
I would like to use some of the schematics already in existence since this is my first aproach to DAC's.
What i would like to know is:
since the STA120 apperently have the same pinout of the good old CS8414 are they pin-to-pin compatible? Can i use the same board design without modifications?
Since the STA120 is available from the ST site as free samples why aren't more STA120 based dacs out there? Is it sonicaly inferior to the 8414?
I was tempted to go for the CS8414+TDA1543 beacuse of the already present schematics and after that probably build some others with different receivers to see the differences.
Hope someone can help out