OMG! This slipped! So after bugging everybody maybe it is time.....

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to say hi,

Many years ago i was invited to somebody's house and because of many factors i managed to get to the kitchen and stare into their fridge before we were properly introduced. It was a very embarassing moment, even though there were a number of mitigating circumstances.

So forgive me for staring into your collective fridges, but this forum just slipped by.......

I was born behind the iron curtain and as soon as i discovered a slit between the folds i slipped out. I was infected by the audio bug in high school, and because i lacked a musical education i thought that getting an EE degree will get me the necessary tools to design amps and other audio gear so i can stay close to music. Later i discovered that electronic gear contains a lot of smoke under pressure and that it is the substance that makes it work. I still have not found out how to re-pressurize these smoke driven devices. This failure in my research have driven me to computers and software. My EE memories are sooooooo rusty that it is not funny, but there is hope. Recently I decided to embark on building a pair of "them fancy SE Nelson Pass music makers". I had my heart set on a set ever since my friend brought one of those spider looking A3s over and it made my jaw hit the floor full force. But that is beside the scope of this forum.

Once i build the amps i may think about building a set of speakers too. Or just save enough the get a pair of used Vandersteen 5s (dream on, i see sheets of MDF in my future). I have a well equipped woodshop so the cabinets do not scare me, and i think i can get some decent XO design software somwhere.

In any case I would offer whatever little experience i have, in exchange for drawing on your wast collective talents. I find it especially refreshing that legends frequent this place as well.

later .....


Oh sorry the toys:

The things to listen to:

TT Well Tempered Classic with Win SMC10/ Win Phono stage
Audible Illusion Modulus II
Meitner Tr101
Vandersteen 2C

the other stuff:

dennon casette deck
parasound tuner
onkyo cd changer wit single bit dac

cables: IC Belden 89259
Speaker 3' long 89259 John Risch twist

have not done power cords over yet, and use commercial (Monster) power filters.

The whole thing is pretty musical but one can get it better all the time.
The CD player

No rush on that one.

I will wait until somebody comes up with soemthing that beats the pants of the TT or i go deaf. The CD is a secondary source of background music along the tuner and the casette deck. I tried an external DAC on it and came to the conclusion that the 1000 bucs just was not worth it.

The TT on the other hand is very musical and solid. And i can not say enough good things about the Win stuff. And on top of that i bet there are many who will agree with me that Dr. Sao Win is an extremely nice guy.


no point saying oops! Didn't you know what the dentists learn 1st in thereir practical education?

No matter what happens, NEVER say oops! :)

Yes, you caught me, but I do not feel guilty, tube amps is not a religion thing for me. For a buddy in SF I built a solidstate SE MC headamp and with the equipmnt I auditioned it, it was sonically invisible. Bigger praise for an MC headamp is not thinkable.

I am convinced that for an MC cartridge either an active solidstate input or a superior input transformator is the way to go, I stick with the latter as I have the thing already.
If one of our fellows here dares to build an MC-sensitive phono preamp with tubes only, I am sure we soon will find him in the loony bin.
Not that the preamp won't work properly for selected hours :D
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