Olson Design curvilinear Speaker?


2010-04-02 6:34 pm
A RCA HE809 'Radio' followed me home. It has three (although the service manual says two) 12" full range speakers. Well at least what was full range for the late 40's early 50's. They were hooked up to a 8-10W amp (pair 6V6's) but I have no information on the speakers other than they are, RCA Olson Designed curvilinear Speakers. Just wondering if anyone has a passing memory about them.

Speaker codes. 961380-2W 279437 RL111D-1

Don't recognize/remember the numbers, but the 12" RCAs I pulled from many '40s era [mostly Sears & Roebuck] consoles were ~ 40-12.5 kHz with a nominally flat response [+/- 3 dB] from ~80-5800 Hz, i.e. so wide range are basically an AM radio and early FM speaker with tone controls.