Old School Alphasonic

Wondering if anyone can unlighten me on some of the older Alphasonic amps. Back in the day I remember having a 2125; I guess it was a MA, I remember it said Class A circuitry. I also remember it was one bad dude! Fast forward I recently bought a PMA2075i and was wondering if anyone could tell me what changed with these amps as they progressed in model numbers? Is the PMA of the same quality as the MA's? What are you feelings of how these amps compare to others?

Any info would be appreciated.



2012-07-24 9:36 pm
I think a good brand.
PMA series is an average of all characteristics must to have an ampifier: simplicity, a good design, good heatsink, good sound.
Is the best for re-capping or maintenance, you simply remove central piece of headsink and you have solder side under your eyes, you can do all you want, fastest re-capping of the world for example.

A2125 never tested, an unliked amp about PMA series, but all Alphasonik are good.
Class A models have a contnuos current in the driver circuit, but not are like others class A brands with highest bias to the final section.
I think that Alphasonik amps class A and not class A have small differences.