Old RCA Transitors Amp


2005-05-24 12:49 am
big city
Old RCA Transitor Amp

This is an old RCA Transitor Amp that i pick up from an stereo wood console equipe with an turntable.i notice bad sound in the mid,allmost like can sound.and also found out that one side of the amp is not working,this was sad.is there any one familiar with these old amps? is this amp worth keeping? or can i improve the sound by changing stuff inside?these old amp were cool,cause they look like old tube amp and this is not the firts Amp i try like that,Unlike this RCA AMP another similar amp had a far better sound (surprising bass and good mid)and look identical to this one but had no brand name on it.Any sugestion to do with it? How about removing everything and keep the frame plus old steel heat sink and instal another amp or kit in there? any sugestion? kit? also any amp kit or parts from Canada or usa ? for that project? :confused:


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I wouldn't go quite as far as Bill... you might be able to repurpose some of it -- most of the components are likely at best monitor pets. i have a few similar amps kicking around. The heat sinks may be useful. The trafo might be as well, but these are often single supply which limits them somewhat. If you are lucky it may be have a set of phase split transformers in it... got better pics?



2005-05-24 12:49 am
big city
Old Transistor Amp

hi! Every one

Thanks for the reply.Comments and nice music too...

Latest News With My old Transistor AMP.
it's all appart now,I'm left with a Beautiful Vintage and strong chasis unfortunetly Empty and full of Holes.

i keep all the parts in case of any Later use
But i Doudt i know what to do with those old part.

slowly looking for any AMP to fit in there.
just for fun and the heck of it.