Old Magnavox console model number label?

Kids bought an old Magnavox console at a yard sale.

I am opining that the turntable is one level above a Victrola and should not touch their records.

The radio portion says Solid State.

I don't expect the speakers to be anything other than 'interesting'.

It might get turned into a piece of cat furniture, but I would like to search for a manual...except I can't find a model number on the outside.

Maybe inside the rear Masonite panel?

There pulls or knobs on the front, but they seem to be decorative only.

Thanks for any assistance finding secret markings

That's because I didn't have any yet.

Antique radio site comments suggest the info is all on the chassis via paper label and stencilled as well.

I'm not sure a photo would be very helpful but will upload one.

Turntable says Automatic 400. Probably made by Collaro in a England.

Probably mid-late 60's.


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