Old Bryston 3B transformers

Max Plott

2016-03-31 1:26 am
Hi I'm new here and have a question for you all, what transformer is in the 30 year old Bryston 3B? Turns out the one I bought as a youngster, (supposed demo model) doesn't have the proper transformers in it, it has 2B transformers. So what is the proper transformer and where can I buy them.
It would be nice to hear what Ive been missing for all these years.

Max Plott


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2002-11-17 6:42 pm
Welcome Max

To answer your question
One PLITRON 673853-04 per channel. See page 20 here:

It was a 225VA transformer
Primary 2x115V 50/60Hz
Secondary 2x41V

Go to PLITRON site
225VA Power Transformer

From their current models, the one that is the closest to the old one, is ID: 067026201
Primary 2x115V 50/60Hz
Secondary 2x40V, 2.81A


Max Plott

2016-03-31 1:26 am
Old 3B transformers

Talk about fast, you guys are great thanks y'all.
I had this old bugger at bryston and they said they don't have the part and considering cost and all that it's not worth refurbing.
The amp is in good shape no doubt considering it only had 1/3 the power going through her for thirty years.
You know I always wondered why it never got warm, DOA!

Thanks again guys
Great reading on this site.
Guy P