OLD 2x4HD Tuning UI Still Available?

Turns out it had more to do with the way the new UI rendered on my display. Some of the functions and controls were hidden, which made the software unusable. So, I had to reset the display to defaults, which is a pain. Also, one of the most useful features was gone: there was no way to get the numerical filter coefficients once you'd calculated them. So, now I use a tool I found on the web.
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Late to the party once again, but I recently installed a second 2x4HD and to be honest found the learning curve for REW measurement and PEQ filter generation and file export to be more of a struggle. Still have some issues with DC locking up in long sessions - to the point of having to force quite and restart for it to reconnect - but I’m inclined to blame that on the over decade old MBP running Catalina that I bought for this use case for $130.
Compared to some of the tutorials I’ve seen online that use the older Plug-in based UI, I find the DC to be very logical. Another little bug is that when I use my 77”LG, I need to set the display function of MacBook to underscan for the top of menu bar on REW to be visible.