Ohp Heating Issue

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Ok, i have my 5500 Lumen OHP, I have my LCD panel. They work well, gives a nice bright colorful image. But it has alot of light leaks. So i made a small enclosure to capture the light.. Knowing the bulb gets super hot, i made holes where the intake and exhaust are on the OHP.. also the enclosure has only a partial roof(ceiling) so that ambient heat inside can rise out. BUT to my suprise even with the air holes, and open ceiling of the enclusure, the OHM internal heat sensors(relays?) turn it off about 30-40mins into use.

Heres a shot of my temporary test enclosure.
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

The projector is a BUHL 113, 5500 llumen. Panel although unimportant to my problem is a PanelBook 525. I also have a 550 on its way to me.

My question is, has anyone else had similar issues, where was the heat building up, was the solution better ventalation in the enclosure (wich is more light leaks=bad for me) or adding more fans ect.


Note. The projector doesnt overheat outside of the enclosure, its obvious that the enclosure is keeping some heat inside, the airflow exiting the fan exhaust is the same with or without the enclosure. .so it must be that the ambient heat inside is getting pulled back across the bulb, and not cooling the bulb fast enough.. so my question has changed.. i know what the problem is, and i can think of a few solutions, most of them will involve letting more light out.

What have you all done with a standard OHP+Panel setup to minimize light leaking. I am not excited about making a new project box and starting a projector from scratch.

I have seen a few shots of small code structures reaching from the panel to the upper lense. and im sure thats a big help and ill start on one of those... but most of my light is leaking from seams and such in the OHP case. and I also want my finished enclosure to look nice (the above was a test run.. i know its ugly)
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Ok, well i took it out of the enclosure again, only to find this time, it did shut off outside of the enclosure, so i suppose the fan might be going out? not getting good rpms, and so not coooling enough. Anyone have any experience here. do OHP measure rpm on the fan , or do they just measure the heat around the bulb ? it only stays off for about 2, to 3 minutes then comes back on for anohter 20 minutes before going down again..
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Well, disregard all the heating issues. it seems the guy who packed it from ebay. may of had the back off when packing it or somthing else, as some foam packing material was in behind the light chamber, and restricting air flow. Even though it was still pushing alot of air, removing the material fixed the problem. I am still looking for good ideas on enclosing the OHP+Panel setup.. and a note.

I just received my PanelBook 550. its only 640x80 res. has 1.4m colors.. but it is very very nice. i recommend this panel to anyone who wants to start with a more affordable panel.

The panelbook 525, has nearly the same specs.. but for some reason the 550 has much better color and contrast.. blacks are black, whites are white, and all that.

thanks to anyone who read my overheating issue, and my appologies to those same ppl.. as it was a stupid thing that i should have caught from the get go.
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