Often, I know nowhere else to go

I think this forum, for many, is a place to go to, an escape.

Often enough, I wonder what I am posting anything, yet I do.

I cant be the only one!:yikes:

I have spent a decade working in a job I mostly enjoy, where I am respected by my peers, and where my employer needs my expertise. Currently I have been making efforts to be remunerated equally with my peers (despite being more technically qualified and experienced in my field), and recognised for the decade I have strived and succeeded where others have either not bothered, or have failed and henceforth given up trying.

When I am about to follow those that tried, failed and gave up, I come here.

Just too feel stupid, and have my experience dwarfed by the collective. After being alone all weekend, aside from looking after my 2 y.o. boy, and a slowwwww day at work, I'm here again.

But guess what?

Yup. Still nothing worth saying!

I think less time here, and more time talking to humans in person, may be the panacea.

But then I'll come running back here, to see if x member has his/her project working (not that I can help much, if at all), and in my own vanity, to see if anything I waffled on about, helped anyone.
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Along the same lines, I have learned 2 major lessons on this site over the years.

The 1st is technical, that most of the audiophoolery is just nonsense.

The 2nd is personal, that the members that effuse professionalism and respect, despite all the pressures around them, are probably in a better place in their lives.
Y'know, I was writing that post last night, trying to summarise something-I guess that something was my general frustration with the world at large (rather my world) and the retreat into this hobby as my response to it.

Galu, you're spot on. My peers dont get my obsession with audio - be it DIYA, playing musical instruments, generally tinkering.
They usually just nod and follow for a short while, then proclaim that I'm a nerd and how do I know all this stuff - to later be humbled by the weight of knowledge here.
Just sometimes I cant help but feel this 'place's only helps my perceived isolation grow.
I really need a man shed! And the time to love music again (or the playing of music)

I'm sure glad I'm not the only crazy audio nut with nothing better to do!
No issues with thread detailing btw...pretty much all comments welcome!

Leadbelly, your comments are as valid as others. But you're quite right (I thunk).

Some of my peer envy comes from the calm focused responses of some of the uber nerds here - they are perceived to be in a better place (whether that's financially, or otherwise).
In reality they may not be in so much of a better place that I would wish to trade places, perhaps it's a symptom of my age (41) that drives my psyche to believe otherwise.
I've worked with many people I greatly respect, that have been and gone, in a industry with many retiring, and I am replacing them (some 20 years junior). On the other end of the scale, new recruits 20 years junior to me.
I get noticed primarily for my profanity, nervousness and response to pressures - rather than my ability.

As an aside, which isnt all that interesting - I solely maintain and repair 9 or so large Megawatt scale generation sets, both AC and DC, I am the only person left who understands these things.
Recently I lost all plant capability due to the failure of a 30 year old synch check relay, and once I had fixed the issue, my direct management questioned why my state of panic - because I am conscientious?!

At the same time, I am not eligible for a role I've worked at (assuming it would fall in my lap, like it or not) to be told, "you're the only one for the job...but....."

I commute every day, looked down on by the suits, puffed up with their own self appreciation, paid double or more than I make, wearing the type of trainers only rich folk wear (so they can at a push be worn with a suit)

"BS can get you to the top, but it wont keep you there!"

Well true as that mantra may be, it doesnt seem to stop those from prospering, where Frank honesty, hard work, and skill have done anything but help me prosper.

I cant help but wonder what an honest bloke has to do!

Sometimes, I wish I'd gone into management! Then at least I could be improving the ratio of BS managers vs good managers.
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2018-04-17 6:50 pm
I commute every day, looked down on by the suits, puffed up with their own self appreciation, paid double or more than I make, wearing the type of trainers only rich folk wear
Be proud of travelling in your honest workwear, but be careful not to 'accidently' tread on those designer trainers with your safety boots!

perhaps it's a symptom of my age (41)
It's a bit early to be having a midlife crisis! Wait till you get to my age (undisclosed!) and then you'll encounter a myriad of things to perplex and irritate you! :)


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"BS can get you to the top, but it wont keep you there!"

I know there are some companies that have tried experimenting with this, if a person does not perform satisfactory but is good at defending his/hers position, they'd get a higher position. Still not optimal? Another bump up the line...

Some people are good at talking for their own selves, if you're not one of them: good for you!

BS can indeed get you to the top, and it does not matter if it doesn't keep you there. Because if you're on the top, then you can just change/switch top...
I commute every day, looked down on by the suits, puffed up with their own self appreciation, paid double or more than I make, wearing the type of trainers only rich folk wear (so they can at a push be worn with a suit)

I think suits and trainers look rediculous - I'd have a hard time not laughing at these people !
I'm here about every day reading and learning.

Do not post much because as noob most of my questions are already answered somewhere here. I just search for it.
Its always something to pick up. Trying to figure out problems in posts wihtout the b...s to contribute but to see if I am somewhat in the ballpark when others do answer etc..
It have become part of the DIY audio package to me.
And when doing so listening to my DIY speakers, browsing new music and so on.
OK, if I were to try to be more precise, I would say all audiophoolery is nonsense and most audiophilery is nonsense.
That depends on which period audiophilery you are referring to. The traditional audiophilery and the contemporary audiophilery are like "night & day" different.

"BS can get you to the top, but it wont keep you there!"
In some audio cable business, it can get you the sales but won't keep it from returning for refund within 14 days and that's why the sellers came up with additional BS like "15 day burn-in is required". :Pinoc:
Hi mondogenerator, I usually don't look around too far on this website, but I am glad that I found yours. Your gripes are understandable, except that I wear black trainers, because they are the only shoes that I have worn for the last 20 years. I have to be prepared to dress up sometimes. '-) I never had to wear safety shoes, but I used to have to change my clothes to work back 57 years ago when I worked at UL (Underwriter's Labs) and had to build and measure equipment under test for fire and electrical safety. It was dirty work, sometimes, but kind of fun too! I felt sorry at the time for the 'engineers' who would sometimes wreck their suit clothes working with the project. (as they were required to dress up)
Those days have passed, and I am far less spry for that sort of work. Just sitting at a computer or test bench is about all that I am capable of, these days, but still, I find audio design and improvement still interesting and this website is one of the few places that I go online, because there are actual engineers and highly experienced technicians here that might give me something useful on just about any aspect of audio.
If I were you, I would count my blessings as well as annoyances. For example, you are lucky to be able to do your job at all. My son, 49, for example had a similar position at a pulp paper mill in Oregon, until his sports injuries from hi school, etc, shut him down. Now, he is permanently unemployed, suing the company who let him go after more than 20 years, and he doesn't even seem to like hi fi! He is lost in the wilderness, except for his family.
Why any of us like hi fi is sort of a mystery. It is mostly just a hobby, except for a few of us, but it is a real goal, and a fun pursuit, no matter what our income is allotted to our hobby. The important thing (in my opinion) is the desire to do a good job, at anything we have to do, whether professionally or as a hobby. With a personality that you and I seem to share, it can be tough, and many may accuse us of 'overreacting' to a technical problem, but they will be the ones who will retire early or find themselves not valued in their profession as time goes by. Just 'Keep on Trucking!'