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I have been unable to find much discussion on the effects of mounting a speaker enclosure onto a wall. There is a bit in the CHR-70 thread and there are Planet10 Home Theater food for thought wall mounted enclosures in the MT-HT Appendix plans. All a good start but no actual discussion that I can locate.

My experience is that there is increased bass response that is boomy and the sound stage is lost when, due to a move, I loose the ability to place speakers away from the wall and create a proper listening space for them.

I don't want to blame the speakers, they were not intended to be pressed up against the wall or relegated to a corner. But are there some design considerations when one intends to wall mount a full range speaker? There is no Star Trek Linkwitz crossover to tweek about in a full ranger. Other than keeping it sealed and rolling off higher than lower, anybody got any suggestions or experience?

My current thinking is to build 4 wedge style cabinets for the tv room. It is a long and narrow room 12'x60' with only the first third being tv/sitting area. The wedge shape will keep the rear 2 cabinets from being too visually intrusive when looking towards the seating area. And, being small sealed boxes, sufficiently braced, I am not concerned about any cabinet effects.

Is there a design I have missed. I keep thinking there has to be more, I just can't find it.

Happy Holidays.

I did it in my living room for my rear speakers.
There wasn't any place to put them on the floor.
I didn't consider hanging these from the ceiling either.

I believe I went with MTX in the walls. 8 inch woofer and dome tweeter that can pivot towards the listener.
I was able to paint the frame and grills the same color as the wall so it really is a good way to go.
You can spend as much as you want for them too.
I was pleased with how these sounded and they weren't too prohibitive.

My M&K subwoofer handles all the low bass so these speakers aren't required to go below 80 Hz, I believe is where I have them set.

Last year I stepped up to a 7.1 Onkyo receiver.
This requires another pair of speakers on the sides.

Really sounds great on a good Blu Ray disc.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.