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Objective2 Headphone Amp Build Service

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I am offering a build service for the Objective 2 headphone amplifier using the current group buy boards being offered by olli1324 for interested parties who are not quite ready to take the DIY plunge but still want to try this amp.

Much more info about the O2 can be found on nwavguy's blog here:
NwAvGuy: O2 Headphone Amp

and on the Objective2 thread here:

What I am offering:

A complete basic build of the O2 using the "portable" case and FPE front panel with labels and group buy board: $114(US) plus shipping (as determined by your location, and speed of delivery)
Options: Batteries: $11 (or you buy them yourself on Ebay)
"Desktop" case with 1/4 headphone jack and RCA input jacks $15

I am also open to some variations, such as selling the populated board only, or providing basic Drill Press drilled panels vs FPE engraved(if the holes are standard sizes). I will not be offering kits (sorry, I can't add any value there) Please PM to discuss your needs.

Depending on the response, I will pass on any quantity discounts that are received.

A $5 initial deposit to cover the cost of the group buy board that I will purchase on your behalf is required. The board group buy closes on Aug 31, so the deposit will be required before that time to get your board ordered.

Please contact me here by private message initially. After gauging the response, I will setup alternative communications as needed.

This is currently a one time only offer, but may be repeated with variations (boards or completed boards with no case, or the proposed O2 desktop board) if interest is high enough.
Due to the higher cost of the 230-240 V adapters required for countries outside of North America, I have to add an additional $10 to the basic build cost. I have inquired into having users source them individually, but purchasing them in bulk looks like a better solution.
Since this offer is tied to the availability of boards from the group buy, I have to set a cutoff on new orders as of August 30, at 17:00 Eastern time in North America. Anyone who has not already committed by sending me their email address or is interested need to send me their email and what unit they are interested in before that time.
Another interested to buy a DIY build of O2

Hello, I also have come across your offer late, MrSlim. Please let me know if there are still options, now or in the near future. I just ordered the most expensive headphone I ever have ordered (the Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Premium 600 OHM Headphones) and want to feed it the best signal for my home studio video post production audio mixes. I had been looking at the Fiio line (especially the E9 to supply the 600 Ohm headphones properly) ... impressive but I have been burnt too many times with direct China purchases, plus this O2 sounded like an even better solution quality-wise. Thanks.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.