Nview Z115


2005-08-08 10:29 pm
I have recently purchased one off ebay, and the panel has S-video, composite, and VGA ports. I've tried them all and couldn't get them to work...I've even messed around with the settings and detection in setup, and it still wouldn't work.
Anything I may be missing, or other known issues with this panel?


2006-01-14 6:47 am
more info on TV/VCR hooked to Z panel

I hope you received the email. I keep getting kicked out of the system. I just got some more info on Z panel.
My seller wrote:
"I'll take a shot at the hookup for tv or video. I hope it does not confuse you. Try this.
Get a set of RCA cables (Yellow=video, red/black=audio).
Plug the yellow cable into the front connection marked 4.
Plug the red and black on the side. You might have to do a test to see if the audio is IN1 OR IN2.
Now plug your yellow cable into your video or video out connection on your tv, dvd, vcr, game console ect.
You will now have to use the buttons on the front side of the panel to sync your connections. In this case you would want the front green panel to read something like IMAGE 4:VIDEO SOUND:INPUT1 OR INPUT2, which ever! one works.
This should be the correct set up.
I dont remember if you use the ACTION buttons or the MENU buttons to access Step 5. Trial and error will eventually get you the correct setup. If you would rather use a SVIDEO cable for your video hookup instead of a RCA plug, than you would hook one end up to 3 (SVIDEO intput) on front panel and be sure it said IMAGE 3: Video on green screen. SVIDEO is suppose to give you better image quality than RCA cable.

Hope this works for you. This wasnt a panel I previously owned so my experience with it was when I tested it. I could not find an ON/OFF switch for the panel either so I guess unplugging it may be your only option."

So far I haven't seen 'IMAGE 3 or 4' on my screen, wish me luck.