nView connections don't work

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My nView Spectra C has the following plugs:
Optional Monitor
Source 1 has plugs for Digital and Analog
Source 2 has a y/c plug
Source 3 has a comp plug

Source 3 is the only one that is working for me. I can plug an RCA cord into video out on my DVD and then into this plug on the LCD and everything is beautiful. However, S-Video doesn't respond and yes, I do select Source 2 when I try this. Also, I have a TV3000 line doubler/scaler. I tried to do as Blockhead described by plugging DVD into TV3000 via S-video and then VGA into the LCD (digital plug).

Maybe, my other plugs aren't working? The LCD didn't have a manual.
tell me this...

have your run rca from dvd player to rca in on the tv-3000
then run rca out from tv-3000 to rca in on the Nview?(since it works from the dvd straight to the panel...this should work)

now if that worked then good...

now for the vga cable...I use the one that came with my Nview Spectra C....I run rca out of dvd player to tv-3000 in...then Vga out to analog in on Nview Spectra C...

Remember you have multiple you have to select the input source on the tv-3000...you can do this by a button on the tv-3000 box or by the tv-3000 remote...when you toggle thru you should see something like s-vide, rca, cable, ect...

Usually the Nview Spectra C panel will recognize a connection if you have only plugged into one of it's inputs...but sometimes I do have to use the Nview remote to change the source...

by the way do you see the NVIEW logo when you select a souce from the romote and it is not playing that source? (for example if you are plugged into the analog input and you select it from the remote what do you see?)

cable for nview spectra C

hi i made a few cables for nview spectra C panels so far and they all seem to be workin. The panels were all dated '93 or '94.

If you guys are interested i can easily sell them for $15 a piece including shipping!!!

i use ready made 6ft., regular vga and at the other side a 15 pin midi style that goes into the analog input of the panel. works perfectly.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.