Now for the tricky part: Jfets (B1 Mezmerize)


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2017-09-10 6:33 pm
I'm a bit scared of this. I have al the relevant jfets from diyaudiostore, and the rest from mouser.

Even though I trust both resources, I feel I should be able to verify the parts. No clue how/where to begin.

I found various resources with schematics and tiny pictures of test-rigs, but I'm actually looking for a dummies noob guide on this one.

Is there some kind of build-guide or even kit?
Is there a documented guide on this?

Thank you very much!

Here's what I'm reading through (so far):

transistor matching (BJT / JFET / MOSFET )

JFET matching jig

JFET matching / sorting