not quite DIY, but still need some advice...


2002-06-17 6:38 am

I've been looking for a low cost alternative($300-$400) to a big screen TV when I came across a few web sites that suggested a projector/lcd alternative, and then I found myself here. I was wondering if you folks could layout what I would need to buy to make a good projections style system for movies and XBOX playing with minimal tinkering. I found this projector that has an instant rebate at officemax and was wondering if it would work well with an LCD panel. If so, what LCD panel would be a good fit, all I need for it to have is the normal hookups that most TV's haves for audio etc.

Please Help! Thanks!
yeah, 2K lumens is BORDERLINE. right now, i use the apollo concept, which you can get at either officemax or officedepot, and its a 4K lumen. with slight modifications, it can view in moderate ambient light, but really isnt suited for everyday full light viewing... for instance, its 3pm, nice sunny day, unless you close all the shades, image isn't crisp enough to play XBOX.

if you plan on replacing a tv, you might want to go for a 6K lumen or above projector. if you dont mind dimming the lights, 4K will be good. i would suggest ebay, or other sites. i have some listed in the links section on my site, you can get a good one for around $50-$100.