Not hard core DIYer yet but...

2nd post. So far the first one hasn't got much attention:

Came here looking for info on the DIY HiFi Tram2 DHT preamp and found some. Probably not interested in building it though. 'Name's Mark. 52 y.o. DWM. 'Got quite a bit of experience with audio and home theater especially CRT projectors and HTPCs. I also post at AVSforum sometimes and the Klipsch forum.

No experience with kit building, design, woodworking, circuits but interested. Past projects included building 2 HTPCs, taking apart cheap DVD players and SS monoblocks and "tuning" them ala Michael Green. Future projects may involve my (new to me) Klipschorns - replacing horns, drivers, crossovers, perhaps going to active crossover and triamping. Also considering building an IB sub in the basement home theater.

Hope to share and learn.
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