noob question


2016-01-12 6:36 pm
Hi everyone

Im kinda new to building speakers and im kinda stuck with something.

Im trying to make a bluetooth speaker using 2 fullrange drivers and a passive radiator. My goal is to achieve a small, loud but decent sounding speaker as cheap as possible. Amp is probably going to be a TA2024.

I got my eyes on the Visaton FRS 8M's right now, since they're cheap and have good sensitivity.

Now my question is: does a high sensitivity 8 Ohm speaker play louder than a lower sensitivity 4 Ohm speaker?

Im new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance
Most amps will about double the power into 4 vs 8 ohms which is a moderate 3db increase in volume. So if your 8 ohm driver is 3db more efficient than your 4 ohm there would be no difference. If it's 10db or more it should play much louder but I wouldn't let that be the deciding factor. Depends on how loud is loud for you, how decent is decent and things like music taste, room size, waf(if applicable), and budget.