Noob...Boxes for built-ins?


2016-06-01 1:08 am
Hi all...noob here.

I've bought a 5.1 surround system with 5 builtin Musicca in wall speakers... as well as whole house audiio with 6 in-ceiling speakers...and 2 Polk outdoor angled flush mount soffit speakers.

The interior 5.1 speakers will have the 2 rear ones 10 feet away from tv wall in a regular 2x4 wall...and I'm putting the LF,RF. .and centre speakers ABOVE the 60" tv...due to constraints on side of tv. All these speakers are 8x12" rectangle.

What if any boxes should be installed behind these areas to get best performance? The LF RF and C are also to be 3.5" recessed from front of tv due to power shade install to conceal them and tv.

I've also got whole house audio with 6 other in ceiling speakers in various rooms.
What is best treatment for these ones?

Finally...I got these 2 Polks for outside soffit flush mount.*
How best to install these in my new aluminum soffit? Blocking? Box details?