2002-03-12 7:46 am
I am buildiing a opamp circuit which calls for a bi-polar electrolytic cap for the input. And I can only find radial lead bi-polar caps but my layout takes a axial lead cap and I only see non-polar axial lead caps in mouser and Digikey. I don't want to change my PCB layout cause I have traces runing under where the axial lead cap goes.
I have searched all my tech books but I can't find any info on the difference between the two.
Thanks for any Help.
To me, at least, they are one and the same. If your PCB layout is for an axial lead but you only have a radial lead, just stand the cap on one end and bend the other lead down to the other PCB trace, taking care to insulate that length of bent lead with heat shrink tubing. Have done this countless times with no problems, except cosmetically, of course.....