No pics no proof, right?

And there you have it folks - proof that it actually did exist at one time - the ORIGINAL SPARK-O-MATIC!

Found it while cleaning out the shop for the move. Now to salvage the transformers and heat sink, before the rest of it ends up at the electronics recycler.


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And what exactly was its purpose in life?
Absolutely nothing constructive. It’s what science and engineering students do when they’re not interested an drinking themselves into a stupor, and actually have a bit of time off from studying. Ruining “perfectly good” tools, opening cans of Pepsi and beer the hard way, frying small metal objects with electricity ”because I can”, appearing to be as menacing as possible without breaking the law, and I wasn’t paying for the electricity at the time. And with two pieces of welding cable and metal rods, you have “electric fencing”. That goes over big out in the hall when the monkeys are all swinging from the ceiling.
The two big Sangamo’s were 1968. They still produced a hell of a spark by themselves, back when that thing was in constant use. Most were 70’s - and that thing was made in 1986. It was in service until 2002 when the cops came to shut down the 4th of July celebration that was using it. I was in the city limits - at the same place I’m in now and trying to get away from.