Nigel Tufnel

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Hi Everyone,

My nome de plume is Nigel Tufnel, you may have been one of the 14 people to visit my blog at Random Acts of Upgrades.

I've been interested in audio for a long time, and have some professional experience in motion picture sound, both as a projectionist and working for one of Dolby's competitors, Smart Theater Systems, later Smart Devices. I probably know more about analog Dolby Surround than most people left at Dolby. Dust off those VHS tapes! :)

I also, by happy accident, at the very young age of 16 had the opportunity to audit a class given by Dr. Marshall Leach at GA Tech. The math then, and now, was way over my head, but I think I picked up a lot anyway. I'm very grateful for the opportunity he gave me and how it enhanced my pleasure and life since then, and I regret I never had the chance to tell him so.

While at Smart I worked in PCB design and industrial design under Oscar Neundorfer. Great guy, too much Rush Limbaugh on the radio though. I also got to use some of the earliest PCB software (EEDesigner) when I wasn't playing with the pet pterodactyl.

For a while I tried my hand at being an audio rep, back when Roger Sanders owned InnerSound. I sucked at it.

Currently I'm not involved in the audio industry except as an occasional enthusiast and critic. I did create some PCB's for my hobby though. One, a new output board for the Tandberg FM tuners, which allowed the use of Cardas output connectors, and another was an homage (i.e. ripoff) of the CJ power supply in the PV10/PV12 supplies, effectively turning a PV10 into a 12 power supply wise.

I'm now undertaking a project to analyse the Yamaha P series of amplifiers, especially the P2100 since I own two of them.

I'm also really interested in understanding why speaker cables sound differently. I have a great use case in my home with WW vs. Nogami sound runners. When I am gainfully employed and can empty my home of excess audio gear (where is the sell button on diyaudio?) I want to do some analysis similar to what Bob Carver did with the famous Stereophile challenge. I truly believe what I am hearing is measurable.... i just don't know what to measure yet. Also, I believe that until I can measure it I shouldn't make any claims. :) If we could measure all of the speaker cable differences, maybe we could promote the
manufacture of great cables cheaply, or even digitally synthesize the differences, or objectively measure the quality of cables without wondering about the motivation of reviewers.

OK, by now I've proven I'm crazy. If you think I should be blocked, now is the time!


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Hello Nigel... I am one of the 14, though I found that blog after the fact so may in fact be #15.

I only visit diyAudio occasionally but will say welcome anyway.

I spend an inordinate number of hours working on 3000-series Tandberg tuners, so if you ever want to exchange notes on same - for instance, your ideas on the upgraded power supply - please feel free to contact me here via private mail.

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