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Newform R30 ribbons, crossovers, and midbass driver

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i had a pair of newform research speakers and then sold them. when i shipped them out, DHL busted up the cabinets. the drivers are fine, with just some minor scratching and such. ill look and see but i think one or two of the endcaps are gone and the plastic on the face of the ribbon might be cracked. but, nothing affects operation. they work just fine. i'm sure you could get replacements for these from newform for cheap.

the midbass drivers are just fine, they didn't get damaged at all. the crossovers are also perfect. the really only thing that got damaged were the cabinets.

im offering both ribbons, both midbass drivers and crossovers for $350 plus shipping. the ribbon drivers alone sell for $835 from newform, and the kit (crossovers, midbass drivers, and ribbons) sell for about $1300.

shipping should be pretty cheap in the US, and the ribbons and drivers will be MUCH easier to ship than the whole speaker. let me know if you are interested. im also a bit flexible on the price as well.
here are the pics:



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last one (hooray!)

so let me explain... the damage seen is the ONLY damage to them. the crossovers and drivers are flawless, but the ribbons were the only thing to see damage. i listened to them thoroughly, and they sound perfect. there is only cosmetic damage.

as far as this last picture, that is the binding post on the back of one of the ribbons. the first time they got shipped to me, the binding post broke off. i soldered a new one on, no big deal. i can give you one to solder on if you want. i just cut down the post, soldered it in place, and you couldn't even tell it was fixed. this just broke again. sigh. you can of course just solder directly to the post and not worry about speaker cables.

two of the 4 endcaps are missing. other than that, they are fine, and could still make a VERY nice pair of speakers.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.