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I have been looking at these forums and others for a few months now. I am very interested in building an LCD OHP projector, first thing I need help with is what parts to choose. I do not have very much money at this time and am looking to build a low cost projector.

For the LCD I currently can get a hold of these for free from my dads job in the warehouse:

Acer FP350 15" LCD Monitor
Size (viewable area): 13.3"
Native Resolution: 1024 x 768
Type: TFT Active Matrix LCD
Pixel Pitch: 0.264 mm Color: 16.7 Million
Viewing Angle: 40/40; 20/35
Contrast Ratio: 150:1
Brightness: 150 cd/m2
Response Time: 60 ms
Input Signal: Analog input
Power Supply: Universal 100-264 V
Power Consumption: 36W
Active Size: 10.6"x8.0"
Dimensions: 13.3"(H) x 14.4" (W) x 6.7"(D)


ViewSonic VG150

Which would you say is the better monitor for this job? If neither of these are good enough to use, could you point out some affordable LCDs on Ebay please.

As for my Over Head Projector I was looking at the Dukane 4000 which I have seen many other people use. I am assuming that this is good for the job, but if it isn't could someone point out an affordable one that is.

My last question is how do you power up the fans needed to cool the LCD? I understand that most use an atx power supply, but since I have a 3 year old baby brother that is out of the question.

Well thats it for now, thanks in advance to those who take their time to help me.

Definitely go with the Viewsonic the specs ( are much much better. Of particular importance is the contrast ratio, which is 350:1 on the Viewsonic and only 150:1 on the Acer.

As far as the overhead goes you want as much brightness as possible with the least amount of heat. I never really researched them all that much because I had an old Apollo AI-1000 at my disposal, but the Dukane should be fine.

For the fans do you mean a ATX is out of the question because your brother would not know to turn on both? or why?
You could also use a "wall-wart" power supply, 12V and however many mA you need from any electronics store. Any computer fans are usually 12V anyways.

If the problem with an ATX is just that there would be too many switches and your bro wouldn't know to turn both on just plug everything into a surge protector and leave the switches on, then just turn the surge protector on and off.

Welcome to DIY projection!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.