Newbie small subwoofer questions


2008-02-11 11:16 pm
I'm completely new to the speaker building community, and I thought it would be a fun, productive project to try. I have some limited hobby electronics experience, so I can build amps from kits, but I have a few questions about speaker design.

I am thinking about building a small set of 2.1 speakers, for example to be used with a laptop. My questions are about the subwoofer, since the satellites are a lot easier to work out. I am looking at using the Hivi B3N 3" midbass diver in a ported enclosure, with 1" mid-tweeters as satellites. I'm not looking for ear-bleeding power, just something that sounds better and deeper than laptop speakers on a Vaio SZ 440.

I tried using some internet calculators for ported enclosures, and found that I needed a box approximately 0.486 cubic feet in size. How much could I decrease that number and still have the speaker sound reasonable? Is it worth building a ported enclosure?
Agreed, I could put an 8" tang band 740C into that and it would work lol.

I wouldn't port that driver. And its going to have a hard time playing real low. But anything that size will.

How portable does the enclosure need to be?

Heres a "sub" that would work much better.

Try a 0.5cuft box tuned to 40Hz.

That should get you from 35 to 100Hz with a decent amount of volume.


2007-07-10 12:52 pm
Errr, did we all just mistake your intent? I was just about to chime in when I re-read your post. The HiVi B3N will be used in the
satellites. Are you planning on using a different driver for the bass unit?

What woofer/subwoofer driver did you model to get the 0.5 ft3 cabinet?

If you are looking for moderate levels of bass from a small cabinet, you might consider the Tang Band W5-1138 of W6 1139 drivers. There are a couple of projects using these for computer speaker 2.1 systems and office systems.

Here's one: cerebus design

It's an 11" cube (external) with a single W6-1139.