Newbie Queries on TK2050


2010-03-23 8:57 pm
I've just received the TK2050 amp from hifimediy (thanks Nick - brilliant service !). I am new to DIY and some expert advice from you guys would be great -

I have 'borrowed' a pair of 12v SLA batteries and these sound excellent. I see from various websites that these amps like a slightly higher voltage - is it OK to add a 6v SLA in series as well ? This will give about 31.5 vdc. Is it worth the hassle of charging this up as well as the other batteries ??

I have a 24v charger with a 3-pin neutrik connector. I would like to build a little switch box for this - batteries coming in and switching to either charger or amp. Piece of cake to you boys, I suspect, but I am not sure about the pinouts on the neutrik connector from the charger. Is it possible to leave the battery permaently on charge/connected up, like in a laptop ?? I suspect not a brilliant idea as charger hums a bit

The amp is superb, BTW. I have an old Audio Innovations 1st Audio and the TK walks all over it in most respects. Obviously it doesn't have that valve majic but otherwise - WOW ! Build quality is good as well, apart from the flakey-looking signal input socket and cheapo little connector supplied with amp. I would like to know if anyone has tweaked around with this, maybe bypassing the on-board pot as well. I value your expertise !