Newbie Geoff


2013-03-12 7:50 pm
Hi all,

I'm an audio enthusiast from the South West of England. I haven't built anything electrical since I was a kid when I built a radio in the scouts and a guitar amplifier from a kit.
I keep toying with the idea of building something but I don't have much electrical knowledge. I hope that you will forgive my silly questions and try to help me as I have lots of enthusiasm but very little knowledge.
I have 5 hi-fi systems around the house and am always buying some or other upgrade. Maybe it's time to break out the soldering iron and have a go at making something myself. I like the idea of a passive pre-amp and like the look of the Lightspeed Attenuator. I just wish it could accommodate multiple inputs but I understand that it would go against the purity of the design. I can see there is plenty of information on here so for the time I will keep looking around and see what other projects leap out me.

Best Regards