Newbie at this speaker building! Please help!

Hello everyone. Dont mind me please but im completeley new to this field . i want to make a pair of speakers for 2 channel listening for pure sound quality. as for the designing, i dont know where to start. driver selectin, i need help too. i want to cover everything so a 1"-2" silk dome tweeter or maybe ribbons, 1-2 4"-6" mid-range's, maybe 2 to 3 6"-8" woofers as i dont want a subwoofer because space is limited, so i want to cover the bass in the towers also. please help selecting the drivers and enclosure design. i will compromise the sub for 2 big and wide if possible towers. i just want to start here and go on. budget is around 450-500.


2005-05-30 8:39 pm
Well, it all depends firstly on the cost your willing to pay, you should also consider room size, for a beginner I would suggest a 2way but I think 3way is better in covering the freq spectrum, if you do want a 3way I would suggest a Peerless 12 or 10 inch woofer(beacsue their price/performance ratio is excellent),for the mid I have to say Scan-Speak or Seas 4 to 5 inch and for the tweeter I'll probably go for Morel or Seas 1 inch , (You can also buy Scan-Speak as they are excellent but very expensive).
I would suggest you to start by picking a mid and then the other elements according to their parameters
this is what i have in mind...I want a 8" or 10" or maybe even 12" sub on the bottom powered by a sub plate amp. apart from that, i want 1 or 2 mid-range, 1 mid-bass (don't know if i need one since the woofer will be big on bottom), and a tweeter (really nice quality, maybe a silk or ribbon). would this work out fine or am i making a mistake somewhere?
It sounds like you should back up a bit. You are asking about driver recommendations but do not seem to have any ideas about enclosure or crossover and so on. So, if you are indeed the complete neophyte that you describe, I would say back up and just either buy a kit or at least build one of the designs that are often mentioned here (and you can easily find by searching) that explains parts and construction in detail.