New YouTube channel on Audio Electronics


2015-09-04 12:16 pm
Hi guys :)

A couple of weeks ago I started a new YouTube channel where I'm discussing audio electronics on a quite deep electronics level.

To be honest - I'm quite new to YouTubing, but it makes somehow fun.

Topis I discussed so far are:

- How to design a fully discrete Class-AB Amplifier -> link here

-How to design a discrete Class-D Amplifier -> link

-How to get a cheap 3D printed speaker sounding great?
-> link

Would be really nice if you could give me some feedback how you liked it or what I can do better for future videos (or maybe you even have some suggestions on future topics).

My next planned videos will be about:
- How to implement a realtime Audio-DSP on a STM32 microcontroller (running biquads, audio limiters)

- How to implement a fully digital Class-D PWM modulator on a FPGA with noise-shaping

- Sooner or later I will design some PCBs trying out the simulated amplifiers in real and show this in a video.

Thanks a lot,