New workshop


2016-05-10 7:57 am
Hi guys! Planning on opening a workshop with all necessary tools, machines and equipment. Most likely with a cnc, paint room, anechoic chamber, listening room etc. Anybody willing to share some info about the bigger machines, shop layout, materials, dust collection or anything else that comes to mind would be very highly appreciated. I'm located in Thailand so wil buy most of the stuff here or from China.

I've been a carpenter for more than 20 years. Had my own construction company and been building complex scandinavian style houses from scratch amongst other things. Been building some small speaker projects during the years too and always had a passion for music and good sound but nothing like this for sure. I have a lot to learn and I have a big task ahead of me but I am confident!

And yes i will be building high end speakers with built in amps and DSP etc (I have a pro consultant at an arms length too)

Regards, Timo