New Triode Model by Dempwolf & Zolzer


2011-01-05 8:34 am
In Transient
I came across this paper that seem to offer something new from the standard Koren approach, however it only provided one example for the 12AX7, and I am not quite sure on how to obtain the parameters for the other tubes (Matlab surface fitting tool was mentioned, but I am not sure if that's it). I imagine the same methodology can be applied to the pentodes/tetrodes, so we can get more accurate positive grid models.

When I tried plugging in the parameters from the example given, the grid current in my sim was way off from the ones shown in the paper, perhaps I did something wrong... It would be nice if someone else could run some sims and see if that's case...

Here is the link to the article for your reference:

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