new to this need major help building simple speakers

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Hi guys im totally new to home audio and i don't know a thing. Anyway i've decided to buy 2 hi-vi B3S from solen because they are the cheap 12 bucks a peice. I wanted to build 2 speakers to watch movies. I have no idea what else I need from solen to build it. My question, what else do I need to purchase from ? I can only purchase things in solen because im from Canada. Do i need a crossover or anything? My budget is around $60 canadian total.
You can operate them fullrange, without any crossover. I have similar drivers (TangBand W3-871S) and I put no crossover on them. Going this way, you preserve all the qualities of your driver, and you won't have to worry about expensive Xo components. You will though need to check the maximal power your drivers can handle not to destroy them. (bring your apmlifier louder and louder with heavy music material, and watch the cone excursion : it mustn't reach higher than the Xmax given by the constructor)

I don't think you will need anything else.

- The best speaker cable you can build for cheap is phone cable : use 1 shielded 2-pairs phone cable per pole, and you'll get an excellent cable

- The binding posts can be built using a brass threaded rod (or a brass bolt) firmly locked into the wood with 2 brass nuts. Then, you bind the cables using another nut and discs. You have a very good binding post, able to handle hundreds watts for cheap. Brass ensures an excelllent conductivity and is easily available.

All you need is to create your own design for them, or simpler, to search for other people's design.

If you want small and simple boxes, go for a sealed enclosure. If you want bass, go for a vented design, such as a Cyburgs-needle TQWT. Search the forum for similar designs, there are a lot !

Greets !
Thanks for the replies, I did some research and decided to build a simple cyburgs-needle as you suggested. I have a few quesions, can I use the dimensions in jemraid's link in his signature? Will that work with the hi-vi b3s or do I have to build one that will suit it more? Also the rms power for the b3s is 15 watts and 30 max, what are the options on powering these? My home receiver puts out to many watts.
Don't worry about your receiver's power !

I have my TangBands rated at 15W R.M.S and I have them connected to a 50W receiver.

The best amp you have, the best the speakers will sound.

If you have 100W RMS on your amp, they are welcome, it means you will have a power reservoir to handle dynamics.

The only thing you can do to protect your speakers is to try a CD which has big impulsions, ultra-low frequencies and dynamics.

You listen to it, increasing progressively the volume. Watch the cone excursion during this operation.

When you see the cone excursion regularly reaches the constructor's Xmax, then you have defined the maximal power handling of the speakers on your amp.

Just remember the volume knob position (or the displayed value for a HT receiver) and you will know forever how not to destroy your speakers :smash:

Hope it helps :D
May I suggest that you obtain some Blue Tack and make some plugs to go in your ears before doing this, you may damage them.

In other words its very hard to overdo it :)

The internal volume of the speakers, as far as I know is determined by the cross sectional area of the driver (though youyoung will be able to answer better than I can) so the various 3" speakers are all suitable for the box.

Don't worry for that !

I place myself at one meter of the speaker, on its side so the most dangerous frequencies cannot reach my precious ears. And I have the remote control for the receiver, so I do it a few seconds only :D

Anyway, my TangBands don't have punch enough to reach 110dB :hot: ! I rather think they reach arround 96dB/m at the Xmax limit, which is not destructive :smash:

Of course, I wouldn't do that with PA horn speakers :angel:

Concerning the speakers, I think they can fit the TQWT w/o problem. They are small drivers so their parameters cannot be hugely different, though the driver's Sd is not the only parameter that interacts (Also Fs, Vas and Bl are important).

The best thing would be to reverse-engineer the Needles and enter the driver's params to see how it behaves.

Greets !
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