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Hi All,

Just registered this morning.

About 2 months ago I finally got an old tube radio. Then I picked up an old solid state console. Got them both for $20 at the local Good Will. I'm new to electronics / radios and hi-fi and am having a blast learning about it all. It's overwhelming at times.

I currently have a pretty good system:
Carver HR-742 reciever
Project 3.1 turntable
Marantz PMD500 dual cassette deck
an old Sony CDP-C315 5 disc changer
Boston Acoustics CR8 speakers

I mainly listen to classic rock, instrumentals and the crooners but dabble in other music as well..

First item on my learning curve is speakers, next will be tube tuners and amps.

I look forward to participating as I learn.


Thanks Gentlemen.

Speakers are my current interest although that old tubed Magnavox console in the entry gives me that 'come hither' look every day.

I got bitten with the speakers last week. My wife was commenting on the lack of floor space in the house since last month when I picked up 3 old consoles, 1 tube and 2 solid state. So I bit down real hard and stripped the 2 solid states and am in the process of getting rid of the consoles. Well that left me with 10 speakers all together, almost all are alnico, (2) 10", (2) 8", (2) 4", (2) 2.5" and 2 Magnavox horns.

While searching for info on alnico speakers, and trying to learn how to cross them over, I saw the Linkwitz Orions. Wow!, So I started tinkering. Now I'm working on avery square open baffle speaker using my old speakers and scrap plywood. I'll only be able to build one unless I get some more 10"s. I bet they'll show their potential once I get them crossed over. Then I can perfect the idea/design using some better stuff and have some keepers.

I want to start out slow on the money and hit hard on the knowledge. I figure speakers are kinda personal so, what may sound good to my buddies (subwoofer thump) may not sound good to me (Frank Sinatra, Bert Kaempfert and Ray Conniff demand a more mellow tone).

So that's where I am right now. Once the speaker trial is over I'm going to hunt down some HH Scott tube items. Hopefully the training I get on my other tube stuff will prepare me for them.


This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.