New to audio with a few questions


2016-04-02 7:53 pm
Hello, as you can see from the title I am new to the audio scene and have 0% experience with speakers, subs, amp, etc.
I'd like to create a simple system with just 2 bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer. Pioneer VSX-530-K 5.1 Channel AV Receiver with Dolby True HD & Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Technology: Electronics

I'd like to know if these are compatible and how I would go about connecting all of these to either my PC so I can, for example, go on Youtube, or Spotify and play music through there, or play through my phone (with an AUX cord maybe ?)
As someone who likes bass I'd like to keep the subwoofer in the list rather then just depending on the bookself speakers to give me the bass.
The Pioneer has bluetooth. Your computer (and phone) should be able to connect (wirelessly), to it. When you activate bluetooth on you computer and phone you pair the two devices (the computer and/or phone, to the reciever), the the audio is sent from your computer or phone to the reciever. Those speakers wil work well with that reciever.