New supply tracking technology for Class D

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class D amps are a Major step forward in terms of energy efficiency compared to class AB and class G amplifiers. Also the technical data, looking at classical audio measurements including transient behaviour like TIM is comparable.

One lasting field of work, is a power supply tracking for class D amps. In a real application the huge crest factor of Music signals leads to a power supply voltage which is often 10dB bigger that the nominal RMS Output voltage of the amp. Yes, the dissipation power is low, but still from a system view, this is something which can be greatly improved.

Beside the deep understanding of class D amp and switched mode PS a big general challenge is to keep the distortion low. If the Output H-Bridge of a class D amp is modulated with a Signal tracked supply al lot of loop gain is necessary to keep the distortion low. The PWM Output Signal before the lowpass is directly modulated with the envelope Signal and convolutes the contend back into the Audio frequency range.

From my understanding this is different in an Class AB tracked amp, where the PSRR is not reached just with Feedback/ Loop gain.

What is your understand on this Topic, please comment.

In addition I found something very interesting:

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They seem to have found a solution.