New sub design... input needed

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Well I built my first sub several months ago using a Quatro 15" in roughly a 6ft^3 box tuned around 19hz. This was a great learning experience as I kind of jumped the gun in the design phase and made some mistakes in the design and implementation of this box so it is time to design something new.

In considering driver choices, I think I have settled on using the AE 15" in an EBS alignment. Yes I need more bass :0)

The first step I have undertaken in this project is figuring out what I want the box to look like. I do not want another square box subwoofer. I wanted something with some flair I guess you could say so I drew up a bunch of design and have settled on the one pictured below. No volumes have been calculated yet, I would like some opinions on the actual box design, any problems to look out for?

I make a test box out of some business cards so I could have basically a miniaturized model to see what it would really look like and not just an idea in my head.

From the model, it looks like the driver is to be mounted on the top? Would this be a collection point for dust and grit. Not to mention the cat. :blackcat:
You might need a safety grille.

From your avatar, I could suspect that you have at some stage built a sub with tripple external ports. If so, we have something in common:

Those externals ensure that your baby will never be described as 'just another square subwoofer'

go for it! :checked:

Cal, indeed the pics are rather deceiving. With the front panel ( the one with the marker dots for port holes) makes it 5 sides around, and the width of that front panel will dictate how much difference in angle the walls are. I had to build the model to see for myself :) This was the intention of the design to make sure no wall was parallel.

Collo, to be honest, your sidewinder was what inspired the port design for my first box! I love the unique look of your designs and only hope to have something as unique.

Unfortunately I didn't do enough research and the bracing of that box left much to be desired. Too anxious to build the box without spending enough time designing.

Cats won't be a problem, my dog makes sure none of them come around :D Dust may be an issue though, thanks for pointing that out.
Gee, thanks for the kind comments about my subs. Sure did the ego a power of good! :cool:

****Off topic motorbike story ****
I checked out your profile and saw your Kawasaki info. It's a small world. About 20 years ago I worked with a bloke who started up an engineering business specialising in modifying Kawas. His specialty was drilling lots of holes in the airbox and re-jetting. To finish off, a large spike was driven all the way through the baffles on the exhaust.
I fancied myself as a mechanic, and was asked to perform the mod on a BMW, which was the personal bike of a local copper. Needless to say I didn't account for the bend in the header, driving the spike all the way out the side. :sorry:
Not long after that I moved to spare parts.....

seem to be having more luck with subwoofers,
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