new speaker build

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g,day all
just showing off my new speaker build
they are gpa altec 212 8a in 105l br cabs tuned to 43hz

please ignore the mess around them


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Very well!
I was just searching some information about this sepakers but couldn´t find any and now this! When I saw the design I was worried that maybe lower mids coming from the mid-bass driver are obstructed somehow. Where is the crossover point?
You compared them to some other designs that you had at home or you just plunged into this HE speaker game? Thank you for the answers I would like to get an idea how they sound compared to a 15" bass with a separate horn in front of them. I was looking more for an OB driver like Hemp CO12OB and 15 model but I always liked this separate horn that GPA uses...

Hi T
not sure about the crossover point as i used gpa,s ready made crossover so its just plug and play once you build a cab

regarding the sound i,m very very happy they are crystal clear ,take bugger all power to drive and these things go loud !!!

they image spot on and the mids are as good as the best iv,e head eg lowther and esl but they add dynamics in spades
i would not hessitate to reccomend the gpa altecs

regds Sheafer
Thank you, I have this driver on spot. It is very clever engineering. What made you make this choice. You heard it before somewhere? I thought that GPA sells only in USA...and even from there is no response about this driver (I mean on forums). I had to sleep over about this project.
Good listening!
sorry about the late reply
i did not realise this thread had been moved over from fullrange

still loving the speakers
i bought the drivers after many late nights on the internet drooling over old altec and tannoy speakers
never heard any altec drivers before so i just jumped in and hoped for the best ,i have to say i,m glad i did and would not hesitate to reccomend these drivers
as for gpa audio,s service though i,d have to give it a thumbs down

you can purchase all gpa,s range on ebay

I am mostly intersted to buy them and use them on my panels. Did you have any other driver in consideration? I remember there were others like that years ago but don´t know which brands exactly.
Are mids and highs sweet and open? No coloration from horn? Do you feel that maybe low mid freq. get obstructed by the horn infront of the main cone?
You tried driver on OB first and do you think I could drive it on one? I try to use my stands that I have left from front horn (fro 206E I built front horn from plastic and it was really great but whenever I switched to eminence 12lta with little horn in the middle I felt some ease missing even if the sound of eminence is smaller in dimesions)
Sorry for so many questions...thank you
hi Jay
They are mono blocks and the sinks are large conrad 350mmx151mm

they run lower rails but higher bias than standard aleph 2 otherwise they are electrically the same
heres some more speaks i just wipped up using the same drivers

130 litres br tuned to 43hz 6mm marine ply cases lined with lead and matrix bracing baffles are 18mm finger pine

I,m currently listening to a hiraga lemonstre clone so thought i may as well have some hiraga style speaks as well
Cheers Sheafer


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